Game/Practice Fields

Tahoe Tournament Fields

  • The Village Green Playing Fields are the primary fields used during the Annual Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament. Parking is tight and players and fans are strongly advised to park within the white lines along Incline Way, in the parking lots off of Incline Way northeast of the fields, or southwest of the fields in the lot off of Lakeshore Blvd.
  • The Incline High School Fields are additional fields used during the Tahoe Tourney located behind (west and northwest) Incline High School (499 Village Blvd). Parking is available in the lots adjacent to the fields.
  • Directions from Village Green Fields to IHS Fields: Take either Incline Way or Lakeshore Blvd (depending on where you parked) west to Village Blvd. Make a right on Village Blvd and travel north across Tahoe Blvd up to the high school located on the left hand side of the road. Follow lots and park near fields.

Laxtoberfest Tournament/Squaw Valley Park Field

  • The Squaw Valley Park Field is the site of the Annual Laxtoberfest Tournament which is held in conjunction with the Oktoberfest Celebration in the Squaw Valley Olympic Village. Parking is available in the lot east of the fields just off of Squaw Valley Road. Parking for Oktoberfest is available in the large lot adjacent to the Village at Squaw Valley complex.

Practice Fields

  • The John Sala Fields are the primary practice fields located on the University of Nevada campus. Summer men’s club practices, scrimmages, and games (Dawgs/UNR) are held at this location. Parking is available in the lot directly east of the blue fence adjacent to the fields.
  • The Billinghurst Middle School Fields are located in NW Reno not far from Robb Drive. Summer men’s club practices are held at this location. Parking is available along the east side of Avenida De Landa just above the fields.
  • The Mira Loma Park Fields will be used as an auxiliary practice facility when other fields are unavailable. Parking is available west of the fields in the lot.